Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Week I Have Had!!

--My dog Jackie ate the shell of a football toy. This was discovered, when I realized it was missing, and we ripped the house apart sure in the knowledge that he couldn't possibly have wolfed this down. A few tablespoons of peroxide later, the wearabouts of the item became clear as it was vomited out of Jack's mouth.

--This led to an upset tummy, and vomit stains to be cleaned out of the carpets periodically (he did this unfound at night while we were sleeping, poor guy).

--While training Jackie, I left the lights on my Nissan during the 45 minute session. Car was dead, and I decided to walk back to the house, not realizing that on this main York road cars not only go fast, it was approaching night, and THERE IS NO SIDEWALK. I am lucky to have a dog that can heel with me closely so as we both didn't get hit.

--Husband FINALLY got around to getting an inspection sticker on his car, and he needed to get tires. Score, there were two used but like new tires that he could buy for 25.00 a piece. Unfortunately, the mechanic forgot to tighten up the lugnuts. Now we have a damaged car with an inspection sticker on it.

--And of course, the incident that started the whole week off.

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