Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Santa List

Dear Santa,

Here is a gift list of thirteen things, that I have thoughtfully put together for you to choose from:

  1. A pack for Jack when we walk to and from the post office, so he can carry the mail back for me.

  2. Those silver Old Navy jeans. Okay, they would probably over emphasize my bottom side so....perhaps in a smaller size then, er, I take currently.

  3. An aquamarine tennis bracelet.(or garnet)

  4. Hallmark Peanuts Gang Christmas ornaments for this year, and if possible the other years that I missed:(

  5. Oh, a couple million dollars of course, to ease our mortgage restructure money woes, and make our future money worry free.

  6. A fully paid ski vacation this year!! With lessons from Jose in Stowe.

  7. A day at the spa for a facial and massage.

  8. Cross country ski equipment, and also equipment for Jack to do that with your dog.

  9. A new fleece jacket for Jack or Leon (old one is a little tight for Leon), and the old fleece will probably fit Jack well now that he's filled out a bit.

  10. Money for the operation for Leon's knees (only if you can guarantee he comes out of it okay).

  11. Personal trainer to kick my ass.

  12. A very luxurious make over for our master bath, with the emphasis on a luxury shower (as we did in our last house).

  13. Wood flooring for our master bedroom.

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