Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bhutto Killed In Attack

It's not like this should have been a huge shock. Perhaps, only Bush has is even close to having as big a target on his back. That's probably not right, but I don't follow foreign politics. Probably some other foreign political figures live their lives in constant fear.
Though it should not have been surprising, I still found my head whipping around this morning as the news was announced, and my husband burst out of the bathroom door, where he was just about to take a shower. Somehow, it still came as a shock. Perhaps because we are still in the feel good holiday spirit? Where things like tsunamis and assignations should not happen. Unfortunately, these things do not time themselves appropriately. Benazir's husband has survived, and thankfully their children will still have him, though they have lost their mother. And 18 other people have lost husbands, children, brothers, sisters, wives, et al. Rest in peace to the others that have been lost, but not to our suicide bomber. We all know where we wish he or she would rest.

Bhutto's fears came to an end today. Though it seemed destined to happen, a lot of people were pulling for her. We will now never know if she would have made the difference that we were all hoping for.

Rest in peace, Benazir.

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