Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rate Freeze for Five Years Agreement

Click my article header for a link on the agreement reached.

I am sick to death of people bashing others who have found themselves in an unfortunate position from not getting help. I have been unable in my life to count on welfare (decided not to have kids as I couldn't afford to IMHO). My husband is ineligible for unemployment in the highly volatile mortgage industry (he's 100% commissioned, which makes him ineligible). I am self employed and just starting my own business. Before that, I worked for corporate America and watched (and reported on) co-workers embezzling money, and getting "punished" with a letter of recomendation and two years severance. You know, because management was so embarrassed they just wanted it to go away.

I have worked hard. My husband has worked hard. We took a chance and bought this place so I could further realize my dream, and also so we could live where we wanted. We had no inkling, clearly of what was going to happen to my husband's company, and would have been out and refinanced when we did. Unfortunately the news happened too fast, and refinancing has become no longer an option RIGHT NOW. Due to ratios, and what we needed to do to keep our heads above water. The very last thing that we need right now, is to be getting 8000 a year in debt or even building up costs on our loan by refinancing.

Sorry, if there is help out there for us FOR ONCE, we are going to take it.

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