Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

We did not go to my cousins last night, as we thought it might snow in the evening. It didn't, and so I am sad that I missed the occaision. If you take my immediate family situation out of the equation, my cousins are pretty fun people. My aunts and uncles are okay, and I am usually happy to see them.

Course S and M would have been there in what is reportably a small house. It would have been interesting to watch them squirm all evening or for M to show her true colors. However, that's really not so Christmas like, so it's probably better that we did not go.

So now it's Christmas morning, and I heard my husband go downstairs to start Chrismas breakfast. Normally we have cinnamon rolls, but I don't think he got those yesterday. Or he was goading me when he was talking about waffles et. (not that I don't love my husband's waffles)

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