Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tuesday Ten-Ten Things About

I saw Winn Dixie recently. It was a pretty good film, not the best acted but there was a lot of things I liked about it. Espcially the 10 things she wanted to know about her mother. So if I had a daughter or son, here are 10 things I would tell her/him about their grandmother (my side):
  1. She had pretty long brown hair when she was younger.

  2. She liked to play softball with friends when I was little. (at least I assume she liked it, later on she had a real hate for sports)

  3. She is good at baking and cooking.

  4. Angel food cakes were made for me from scratch on my birthday.

  5. She started her own antique business at 30 or so.

  6. She majored in biology in college and got her masters when I was small.

  7. She enjoyed clothes shopping, especially high end clothes at a Worcester store called David Berwicks (I think).

  8. Weddings are not among her favorite things.

  9. Independent "intellectual" films, plays, and dance are the types of entertainment that she enjoys. (or enjoyed, don't forget I haven't talked to her in 10 years)

  10. She felt trapped in her previous life.

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