Monday, December 31, 2007


Here are the first lines of every month from my blog:

January 2007 "Do you know that friction plus panty elastic can create quite a painful welt in your butt?"

February 2007 "I have been in a such a good mood lately, that it's been kind of a struggle to write about this stuff ."

March 2007 "Convenience stores are manned by clerks who don't understand the "convenience" part of the title. "

April 2007 "Our guests yesterday were delightful. Very good time. I am not usually a baby person, but baby Cole was way cute. Leon was especially enamored of him. "

May 2007 "Dear Daughter,Let's start with most recent events first. I should not only have continued to send you holiday cards (or just sent them at all as I usually don't), and additionally should not have ripped up holiday cards from you as they were not addressed to my wife who has behaved in an irrepairable way towards yourself."

June 2007 "Okay this is pretty cool. Computer screen in tables with advanced grabbing techology to be marketed to hotels and restaurants first."

July 2007 "---I went to the Adult Children of Narcistic parents board, and was shocked to find a discussion on parents who use pets against their children. It so parralled my dad's own post to my blog, and my reply that he neglected and killed off OUR pets rather than take care of them, give them to me, or find them an appropriate home!!"

August 2007 "Soon after my last post, the first of some dog trainer guests came over. I have been attending a dog training school run by Margot Woods. It got a bit busy once visitors came and the school got started, needless to say."

September 2007 "Okay, I agreed to give up wine until Halloween, which will probably continue to fit in nicely with my weight goals. And my husband agreed to give up his vice, which I will mysteriously leave out LOL."

October 2007 "So my father-in-law, as I mentioned, is incredibly lonely after the loss of his wife. It's been almost two years now. One of his sons set him up with an internet contact, probably not envisioning what would happen next. He meant to set him up with someone close by, but confused a town in one state, with the same named town in another state hundreds of miles away."

November 2007 "A constant drip drip of anything will eventually wake me up, I will have to seek it out, and shut it off."

December 2007 "Okay, so I have renewed my vow to conquer my fat, so I won't be whining about it next year. Exercise has been a bit of a challenge since, I once again allowed myself to get out of shape. So I need a little motivation, a little pep, that does not come in a candy wrapper or a wine bottle (calories you know)."

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