Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Solutions and Suggestions to Stop Internet Libel in An Estrangement

Re posting of a past blog that seems oddly appropriate at the moment.

Have a relative frustrated because you are no longer talking to them (and deservedly so). Are they spreading lies about you on the Internet. Here are some creative solutions to stop the problem.

  • Post your own obituary. Be sure to specify there will be no public service, private ceremony only. Be sure that this person will either find it or be unwittingly notified about it by a their associates.
  • Hire an actor or actress to pretend they are you, correspond with them, and throw them completely off track (or make them think you are reconciled---just obvious problems are they will want to visit).
  • Let them know you forgive them, and want a relationship with them but the radioactive nuclear waste in your area (where you are quarantined by the army) makes this, sadly, impossible.
  • Send them creepy messages like "I just drove by your house" or "I know you were just on vacation". (My mother did this, and it quite effectively freaked me out).
  • Ask for money first thing whenever they call.
  • Have your cell phone barely charged on every conversation.


Winterskiprincess said...

I forgot one, keep all documentation and save anything online to YOUR computer immediately. If necessary, get the authorities involved. If your NMs have significant assets tied up in antique inventory and personal real estate...this should scare them straighter than an arrow.

Winterskiprincess said...

And Eggy, just so you know, I did copy your crazy to my harddrive and to a backup. I would not keep it up if I were you, as I have plenty of proof.

About my being harassed on the internet
I haven't written about the online harassment that my husband and I have experienced since the spring of 2009. The harassment occurred again on Sunday. Someone has repeatedly done something that (temporarily) costs us hundreds of dollars when they succeed....

Between the list of people that are estranged from you, and the people you have pissed off enough to do this to do....does this tell you something about yourself??? Just wondering. If you stopped spreading false claims and lies about you, you might find some poor sap (besides Jimmy) to actual like you for a prolonged period of time. Just saying.