Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Month of Thanks-Will Be Most Thankful For

I don't mean to start on a downer OR to jinx myself, but I am MOST thankful that no one has died this year.   We did have a customer's dog, Petey, who I have known from puppy hood that left us this year.  However, that is bound to happen especially as I am entering a decade in the business.

so far our loved family members and our beloved pets remain healthy and happy.   This will  be a truly magical year if we can make it to the end.  We have had a personal major deaths for the last seven years.   We actually thought last year we were going to be spared, but our dog, Jackie CD, died on the morning of Christmas.

By the way, the majority of these deaths have occurred in November or December, so I am not the holiday freak that I used to be.  What I want for Christmas is for everyone and thing that I love to be alive not only this year, of course, but for as long as it is physically possible for them to be.

Uh, honey, where are you going with that ladder, extension cord, and chain saw?


mulderfan said...

My late older brother was a malignant, abusive narcissist. At his memorial service his daughter observed, "I was more upset when my dog died." Nice legacy!

He would never allow his girls to have a dog because pets served no purpose. I figure I've had more love from my dogs over the years than I ever got from the narcs in my life.

I get the distinct impression you can relate to that.

Winterskiprincess said...

Yes, I can relate to that. However, goldfish would have given me more love than the narcs and sociopaths of my life. I understand how the narc got to be the way she is BTW, but the sociopath----I can't understand how that came from my grandparents. Not that they were perfect, they weren't but they truly loved and had big hearts. Sometimes it was hard to realize that because of "superficial values", but really the very heart of them IMO was real. They went through the depression and I blame that for their kids money grubbing ways and materialism, but the rest? Life's mystery.

Domeestic pets are amazing. They need to deal with the most dysfunctional of families, as we are an entire different species of them, yet the largest percent of them love us totally unconditionally.

My donorss had pets, and my first kitten when I was two was put to sleep because they "moved". That kitten, the one that formed my first word "kitty" was summarily disposed of, and they let me know this when I asked who that was in a photo with me.

I was lucky I was not one of THEIR pets!