Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eggy is MOST Thankful for Herself

You will so to your left a blog called "Suburban Black Sheep".   They have great postings on there that they call "Notes from the N-Playground".   I am totally running away with the idea for myself, solely because I have a great one to share.   This was posted the day after Eggy both put up a blog that implied I was cyber stealing from her starting in 2009, and subsequently took it down when I told her I could contact the Lancaster PA Police and FBI to look into that for her, while explaining libel and the consequences of committing libel on purpose like.  Here is what female donor, Eggy, posted:

I was looking for something to make me laugh: Don't passive-aggressive smile-face me!

Oh, SHE needed some cheering up after posting falsehoods (which basically were the call to her egg to (PAY ATTENTION TO ME, WHY AREN'T YOU LOOKING AT ME, PAY ATTENTION TO ME, I DON'T THINK I HAVE HURT YOU ENOUGH LATELY).  Poor widdle baby girl, got awl in twouble like, and now she needs some cheewing up.  Well at least I was suspect five in back of four other possible people that are pissed off and hating her.  Wonder if it's her creepy admirer from last year that was posting on her birthday video?

Aw look, she's just satan a little old lady.   I wonder if she is bopping this guy her admirer is someone else that got screwed (literally or figuratively, you choose).  How surprising to see a video quite literally all about her on her birthday!   Wonder what she will be thankful for this year?

EGGY:   I am thankful for me.   Then I am thankful for myself.   Then my art is thankful for me.   My photos, they are also thankful for me.   The birds, trees, and flowers all say thanks to me!  And Jimmy, can you let us know how thankful you are for me too?

JIMMY:     Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, what er huh?   Oh yeah yeah, thanks for you.  So thankful that I have gun under the bed should life go on just a little bit longer.   Yeah, that's right, thanks for you hon.   No, no I am listening, you just go on talking about yourself bitch  sweetheart.


mulderfan said...

Re: The video
I hope if I ever become that consumed with self-pity and just plain pathetic my daughter will do both of us and the world a favour by shooting me.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I couldn't even watch the whole video. Who on earth does that?? You're very self consumed mother, that's who. I'm so sorry for what you put up with.

Take heart. All she proved is that she was only a hot chick in her own mind and that she can subtract by 4's.

Winterskiprincess said...

Oh, don't worry, I have never gotten through it. When I look at it, I can see it's 12 minutes of that. Wowza.

Shaun said...

ROFL - That passive-aggressive smiley face thing kicked all kinds of ass...

As far as that video is concerned, if I ever have a bout of insomnia, I've found the remedy. Holy shit, I couldn't even make it past the two-minute mark I was so bored...