Monday, November 08, 2010

This Sperm and Egg Combo Advises---Don't F With Me Beyatch

****Sorry it was just too much. I had to release this rage one more time. It irks me, as I know this is just what the foul beyatch wanted. So think of this as returning the favor this holiday season.

I am never going to her website again, I think I can say (14 years later) I got a good idea of how this woman is...and I am good being way way away from her. She hates being called dumb (though in all irony the blog post she is talking about calls three other people dumb, I never imply that she is coming to my site, though the person who is implied to have come has an isp address from shrewsbury mass...but she says I always have to be right without even reading the post or understanding what it is about, but getting (her words) her reporters to post back to her) What is dumb is sending her online "reporters" to my site to harrass me, and what is dumber is to continue to piss me off with her lies and fantasies about me. I DO NOT PLAY, and when I do get into action it's not in a passive aggressive subtle sort of fashion.

Glad to see you have a healthy list of suspects of people (the cowardly she bitch has taken this post off her website now, guess we can call off the Lancaster police now about the supposed cyber theft of money?) that can't stand you guys. Jeez, and the funniest thing, you post that bogus post about me....and then blame me when you start getting harassed by someone when I am doing my best to ignore your insanity. Makes me wonder if this is just your fantasy post to get my attention. Well you got it, but not in the way you want it baby cakes. Sounds like you hang with an upstanding crowd.

All the stuff you have out there is in writing, and can be used against you in a court of law. Especially since I do not have to prove any financial hurt on my part, just that you lied about me in writing. And if you follow the bread crumbs of your untruths and paranoid fantasies, you can see anyone could find themselves to me.

I do it so much more directly AND legally. You might want to stop, as I have now directly identified almost everything related to you on my blog. I don't play, and may see fit to take it down when you apologize, fess up, and stop the shit entirely. I warned you that I was keeping tabs on what you write.

Oh, and then I could call you if you do not cease and desist, or is that what you are trying for? Because if it is, I never ever see a period of time where I will feel forgiveness for you or fondness of any sort. The reason for this is that I don't believe you are mentally ill or that what causes the foulness that lives inside you. Some people are just born without love, compassion or empathy for anyone but themselves.

Here is the other thing though, you are too much of a coward to e-mail such allegations to me as I am not afraid to do. Most likely you are ripping the phone jacks out of the wall for fear you will have to try and justify your miserable excuse for life and being.

Crimes can be reported to either the Lancaster Pennsylvania Police OR the FBI. If any crime does even exist, and if this is not your sad and pathetic attempt to be noticed after a long ignoring period.

I am more annoyed at you than normal today, as I found yet another version of your events online regarding a bicycle story. Yes, you manage to make anything you have done, and everything that you do ugly. I remember you hounding Robert to go get the bike, that I didn't want by the way. You claim one that I left my previous bike unsecured, which is untrue. We did live in a high crime area, where a family was murdered in a drug deal gone wrong....guess if I had been murdered, instead of having my bike stolen, it would have been some loser thing I did.

You know genius, when you got me the bike I HAD A FRIGGIN CAR. I walked to work because it was like a block away (perhaps a detail that someone so totally in not in love with themselves and all things them could have figured out), and I could certainly afford my own bike. It was understood to be a birthday present for me at the time. Thank you for soiling yet another memory of mine, and letting me know the ugly negative thoughts that go through your mind every day. I no longer need to read your blog, and am disappointed in myself at being sucked in again.

What you never understood about the Columbia that was stolen, was that it was my first bike and I loved THAT bike. Clearly you manufactured other reasons why I missed my bike, but this is the thing that you don't get about me. I am not material and I am not into "things". I understand that my bike was a thing, it was also a memory of times gone by in which my world was a lot more innocent, and it just may have been possible that I had loving parents. When I read the utter crap that you write about me, it just can not be possible that you loved me as anything other than your mirror. Unfortunately for you, the mirror started seeing that something was not right with the reflection.

I said the other day that I didn't think I hated anyone. Wow, I didn't know how wrong I was. Every time I try to forgive you or move on, you shit in front of me. I don't believe you are mentally ill either, or that if you are that is an excuse for your behavior. I find you to be a very ugly person inside, and feel bad how much it must hurt to live with the foul blackness that rests inside of you.


Winterskiprincess said...

I really was trying to take the higher ground here, but in the end the rage was too strong. I actually held back and kept some ugly words and thoughts held back, so far. It is amazing to me every time that I actually came from this.....I'll let you fill in the word here. That someone who has had zero no nada part in my life for fourteen years, and with excellent reasons, can just go on with this alternate fantasy life of mine is so enraging. I don't want to feel hate, but it makes me hate so strong. Not with a link to love by the way, I just can not stand a person with the morals and ethics (trying to say lack there of) that she has embodied in the past, and carries forward into her future. Luckily few mothers hate and abuse their offspring so much, and think it's a gift that they did not physically and sexually abuse them. Uh, thanks? Was that in your mind as a possibility sicko?

Winterskiprincess said...

The burning question, of course, is how is someone even cyber stealing from her. I mean are they answering those scam adds thinking they have one the UK lottery? With due dilligence, something my mother blogged about wanting to have someone else fired over at a tv station program that mistakenly might have been interested in her for a second (she does not understand how corporate or interns work...if she had to work for someone else for any amount of time, she would fail hard) in collecting money before shipping something out. Really, how does this happen to a grown business woman. I don't understand. Her ignorance over business, and that they might not be spending more than minimum wage on the person that called her (sorry guy or gal) but that it's a numbers game and they have the grunts do the work that is filtered, is staggering for someone who does not like to be called a dumb ass. Course she probably thinks the Vice President of the division should have been calling her---hahahaha.

Winterskiprincess said...

Wonder of wonders, the coward took that blog off. The one that implicated me in theft. How many times can she be so fucking wrong and not apologize???? Doesn't it just get tiring to her?

Winterskiprincess said... here is my egg donors report of the conversation with a television person who was most likely not the vice president in charge of programming . Sorry person that you had to talk to this.....I'll let you fill in the blank.

Winterskiprincess said...

Got a little suggestion for the stupid bitch of the day, stop posting lies about people AND/OR your fantasies of their lives. Plus also stop directing the online crazy crew to my website to harrass me...and just maybe you won't need to see my smack down in writing to your sorry worthless ass. Just a polite suggestion...