Sunday, November 07, 2010

It's kind of odd that I wrote the previous post...

I really hate labelling people and things. However, when describing traits or a problem, it really is helpful to understand what YOU are really saying. Otherwise, who else is going to know what you are really saying, if you use the wrong word or definition. OR if they themselves do not know the difference in terms.

I have been staggered at the amount of times these terms do in fact come up as a component of estrangement reasons. That being said, I have friends and/or family that also may embody some qualities that are...well not that attractive. The difference between my friends and those that may share those qualities that I can not identify with or befriend, is that the attractive qualities of my friends outweigh things that may be otherwise unattractive. Sometimes they make those other (normally unattractive) qualities endearing or funny.

It's hard to find the humor in someone who is trying their best to make your life miserable or meaningless except in regards to how it reflects on them.

In reading these things, much comfort can be found in finding a similar story to yours from others. Just today I found a post that could be from "future me" LOL. Frequently I find posts that could have been from "past me" just starting out in this journey. This journey has been a total of fourteen years in finding the balance that I needed in my life.

I hope others will find that, or have already found it too. It is a journey, and it takes a lot of work and travel into some unpleasant territory. It was territory that needed to be faced and acknowledged however.

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