Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Too Nice, Wants to be Naughty

(another reposting that seems to relate to the recent thread. This was posted somewhere back in 2009, I think)

Some mental geniuses have criticized me for "not being a nice person". Well actually nice me usually means certain people feeling free to stalk, threaten, and creep me the F out. So ya, I am not nice me here.

I mean nasty parents (not all parents, just the stupid ingrate entitled ones) who are hating me instead of the children who want nothing to do with them. The person that donated the egg to this individual cocktail usually points them here.

The mean, it works, the vile insects slink back under their rocks to hunt for the more vulnerable vegetation and things that have evolved neither backbones or balls. My balls tucked under for a little while lately, and then I remembered how fun it is to have balls.

It's pretty important to have a backbone in these hard times too. And swearing, I love it. Perhaps because I am overly fond of fart humor as well. It gives a good punctuation to a situation that needs a big of inflammatory language.

And I think people that can not get over themselves, are pretty friggin hilarious. When they need to make big whoppers and lies up to elevate themselves, I am like a shark sniffing the blood in the water. Come to me baby.....

My counterpart smells the blood if this person detects anything remotely negative in what I write. Like about the estrangement with the Spermy of the story. Oh, Spermy was discovered again by Eggy, and what joy there must have been to hear from crazy person AGAIN. You know Spermy might understand that the gateway to reconciliation will not be found through that door. Not that there is a door, but it definitely would not be found through that door. Infidelity has a way of eroding trust in the long term. Just something for you married couples to think about, while you are still married. The divorce might just go a little more smoothly if you aren't bopping someone else during it. Just a thought for your consideration.

So if your kids end up not wanting to be around you later, you might have someone open to discussion with you. That is unless you are a rotten sniveling liar, and you have publicly posted this all over the place.

I'm not even using ink now, and it's a waste of my time LOL. Let's just say that I have discovered my iron balls again, and am treating them with the respect that they deserve!! The rest of you tuck tail and run, cause the beast is loose!!

OMG, did she just talk about balls?

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