Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Control, Mortgage Business Woes, My Eyes on the Ball

Tough financial year this one. My husband's industry, the real estate mortgage business, especially for non-prime is going in the toilet. Any way, this is an industry that could also go the way of overseas workers some day. This is giving birth to some thoughts of again changing his employer. It sucks because he's with a good company with a product that used to be what everyone wanted. In this area alone, wholesale lenders have closed that part of their business in more than three large companies. On one hand, that could open the market, on the other, it tells you consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions are happening here (not good, as someone who has been through this in her own corporate career more than once).

Course the job market overall is just not that good. And only one of us can be realizing our mid-life crisis and doing HER own business right now . Ugh, I should be used to this. My main focus is build build build the business. It is working and what I want to do. It's hard to give up the control that I used to have, but it's been essential in me being self employed. I can't try and solve things for the husband AND do that. I must admit, in some ways it was easier when I was the main bread winner, as I am better in strategical deal making, thinking, and controlling my employers (as I was always an employee that would be difficult to do with out, and costly). I must admit, I made some pretty amazing employee contracts for my services. However, I was miserable, and it was tough when ethics were nowhere in site in the management of these companies. That is that is tough when you are ethical. Course jail time could ensue if you are not ethical (it's always six of one and half dozen of another, isn't it?).

So I feel bad, and know very well what the husband is going through when he goes to me today "well, you decided not to be an accountant, can't I decide not to be a sales person?" Not now, for God's sake? Unless you are ready to drastically downsize. Plus our property does make us a tidy little income from rent, dog boarding, and dog training. This year hopefully from a little pet supply place on the property. All good, but probably not netting to over 60 thousand this year......someday but not right now unless I become a marketing and sales genuis. I do need to work on that.

Any way, just more worries that cropped up this morning, that I need to write up on this blog, then throw away and get to business .

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