Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Woes Me Wednesday

I don't want to get out of bed this morning. I feel fine, I am just comfortably ensconsed. I was asleep at 6:30 until the husband started on his computer and getting the dogs riled up. He did go out and feed them, but there was no period of time where sleep could possibly be gotten. Not that I didn't try, as I did. NOW every dog is alseep all around me, and I am up. Plus I gotta take the pack down to the vets for their shots today. This should be an adventure, even with three well trained and behaved dogs. First of all Jazz is a senior, and needs lifting up and down. Plus, at age 14, she no longer listens (well technically I don't think she can hear that well, though she could be a good actress, and she has limited sight).

Meanwhile, on a joy drive with the husband the other day, not only did I notice that the husband's inspection sticker expired in November, but it was November 2005!!! Then I had to bite my tongue hard as we enjoyed the rest of the day. He's lucky I love him, as he annoys me so.

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