Friday, March 16, 2007

Freaky Fridays

Fridays for me aren't like the rest of the working world. They could be quiet or busy. In fact, for reasons I don't understand, I hardly get any requests for training on the days Friday thru Sunday as one might expect. I never have. While working, I would have thought this is a great time to train in a lesson. I guess that is how much of a chore dog training appears to be to people.

This Friday is going to be the sending out of the tax information. Yes, there will be a ticker tape parade and confetti. Keep in mind, my previous career was as an accountant, so the passing on of any control (and little will be left to the poor guys imagination) at all has been hard on me. Once it's done though, it should just be easier every year. And now I don't need to spend hours hunting down the every moving legal tide of the IRS to figure out what is and what is not acceptable at this very moment. This is especially important as I don't buy the incredibly expensive and specialized computer programs that attempt to make this a bit easier on accountants and their clients. Impossible in the quagmire I say, impossible.

On the other hand, my accountant will probably want to kiss me for not being one of the many that slams a shoe box filled with every correspondence for the year as "tax information" never mind complete tax information. You know, with a few out there questions of course. That is nothing though, trust me. He is well prepared.

I have never looked more forward to sending out a package in my life.

It's different when you are a professional doing other peoples taxes. There was a period in time, believe it or not, that I loved doing this. It was like being paid to complete a maze or puzzle every day. At KBKF they were tough too. Very nice guys, but very perfectionist. That was amazing training for me. In that world, which I have left behind these last three years LOL.

A lot of the stuff has transitioned over to allow me to better able market my dog training business even with my sucky marketing skills. Database applications, web site development, computer knowledge in general, the ability to be quite creative and forward thinking with finances.

Now is the other training for the both of us. How to be independent and survive without necessarily relying on the corporate world.

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crse said...

ack...i have to bring my shoebox over to my cousin this weekend. You just reminded me....she will not be loving me incidentally....