Saturday, March 31, 2007

Visitors Today

fGot some friends coming over today. It's been a whirl wind of cleaning the house, and making sure the yard (thawing from the winter) is presentable, meaning poop free. No matter how much you have pooper scooped through the winter, if you have had snow, there is something hiding in those layers. So as the snow has been receding, I have been going on poop hunts. It's pretty sad when you know which dog's poop it is, even when it's months old and mummified. Oh, the glamorous life I lead . I could describe my client's dog's poops for you to categorized by individual dogs' names. I'll leave that a mystery for another time.

I have met both of these people from Robert's old job. Both of them worked with him at the beginning with H&R Block Mortgage (division shut down yesterday), one became Robert's boss at the next company, and the other decided to move onto other companies and positions. They both married each other, just had a baby, and I helped them train their dog, Tyler. So couple, Tyler, and baby Cole are coming up here for a visit tomorrow. I am pretty excited. This is an actual "we would like to visit you visit" and not a "we would like to crash at your place while we enjoy the beach visit". Tyler and Leon will get reaquainted, and I will get to see if the training for Tyler has been kept up.

Last most recent visit was our friend and his new girlfriend last month. Luckily none of our friends know about this blog. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I find it so weird that others blog and let their friends know where they are in cyber space. How can you gossip to complete strangers about them then?

Any who, all Robert's friends seem to get attached or married to these.....well....awful girls (I guess at forty they really should be called women now). This friend is the last single one in my husband's group of High School friends (not counting divorced here). He had stopped subjecting us to his parade of girlfriends at some point. And many of them I actually liked. The one I liked the best was probably this girl he was dating in college. She is now successful, and STILL CALLS HIM AND IS INTO HIM. Perhaps that is the turn off? And she is one of the hottest looking ones to, sweet, cooks for him, does special things for him.....but no. Then there was this crazy one, but she was very entertaining, and nice. Every story she said was a wild made up lie, but like I said it was entertaining, and she was a pretty good egg. Very artistic as well.

This one, first thing she is like eyeing my dogs who are lying there. Then if one walks across the room, she starts gasping and clutching his arm. Then there is the really inappropriate (haven't you grown out of this at all?) gropy feely baby talk thing. Then we are having a great time playing a game, and I don't remember why but she starts taking things seriously and pouting. I am thinking "WHY DON'T YOU GO UP TO BED HONEY?" I understand that my husband's friend probably feels like the odd man out when he comes up here. Hey, I have no problem with them having a guys weekend. This place is big enough where no one has to see me, or they could go out to a sports bar. This GAG girlfriend though.

Oh the best part. Everyone knew that my husband was making a big spagetti dinner. He had found out what she liked to eat, and was preparing the request. All day he's cooking. So she gets here, and wants to take a ride around town. Fine, she sees there is cooking going on. Then this girl (who our friend claims does not drink) wants to find a place to have a cocktail, pouting now as nothing is open here until like May. Then she starts insisting that she wants to have lobster. You should have seen my husband's face.

Oh, this one was a treat. It seems all Robert's High School friends wives are horrible. I don't understand it. And this friend of Robert's is my favorite. He's a nice guy. A bit obessive about sports, and controlling of his girlfriends. I like being his friend, but I would murder him in his sleep as a girlfriend.

Anyway, that was our last "company", and I couldn't get her out of my house fast enough. There is nothing worse than being stuck at your home with someone you dislike.


crse said...

holy shit. i would totally lose a grip if she started complaining about lobster after you spent time cooking spaghetti. Did you say anything to her? I hate serious game players and pouters. If my partner has pissed me off, im pretty good at shunning him without looking like it so nobody is uncomfortable.

winterskibunny said...

We were playing Balderdash of all things, which is supposed to be a FUN game. Well, three of us were having fun.

No I didn't say anything to her, about the getti, as our friend tactfully fielded that for us, and I had to turn my head to stiffle the giggles when I saw my husband's face. He wanted to kill her. Let's just say I am fairly certain that will be the one and only time we will ever see her, unless our friend marries her or something.

He doesn't like her daughter though, and I totally think he can do better. She is of his same religious affiliation, Jewish, though which is huge in that race/religion. I am a shiczah (sp?) myself, and the only in law in the family as such.