Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Inconveniences of Not Living in Urban Areas or State

  1. Convenience stores are manned by clerks who don't understand the "convenience" part of the title. For instance, some young 18 something clerk tried to have a political (uninitiated or encouraged in any way be me) as I was trying to get in and out late night with a lottery ticket (wonder if I won?) To the point, that he wasn't listening to my instructions and just talking over me.
  2. Use of automation on the internet has not been fully realized by the DMV or Dog licenses, for instance.
  3. Well water. Not so bad really, until you realize when the electricity goes out (and you do not have a generator) that you have no water. That means, unless you have bottled emergency water, stuff is going to sit on the bottom of your toilet, or you are going to find other options for going to the bathroom:)
  4. Sewer, you actually need to take something out and hose off the "solid stuff" twice a year, in addition to calling the sewerage truck.
  5. Wildlife is both a joy, and a curse. Especially because ones animals can bring home dead wildlife as gifts for you. Or, you could run across something in the woods that you do not want to, and is quite alive.
  6. If the electricity goes out, they are not quite in the hurry that the city is to get it back on.
  7. When you are surrounded by woods like I am, the thought occurs that if a serial killer did find you, no one would hear your screams. (and yes, I do watch to many horror movies, including the news which I put in that category).
  8. Grocery store is actually not that far here, but it just went up a couple or a few years ago. So since my pet food is not carried by the grocery store, pet supply shopping means leaving the state for me (course I am considering opening up a pet supply place here).
  9. Hunters will hunt on property close to your house, and even though they are not supposed to rifle hunt, they will rifle hunt close to your house.
  10. You don't always know who is walking through your "yard"/property.
  11. We do have a few excellent restraurants, so I'm not complaining too much. However, in the city, you not only have a few excellent restaurants that are your standard, but you know there are plenty more around that you haven't tried or discovered yet.
  12. Trees are large, all over, and fall sometimes. You hope they do not fall into your house, and it would be prohibitively expensive to try to insure that they wouldn't. I have somewhat gotten used to the creaking noises the trees make as they sway in strong winds.
  13. Strange noises outside in the dark are much scarier than if you heard the same noise in the city!!

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