Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Woes

***Wow I was feeling poorly this last week. Lots and lots of spelling errors, some quite amusing. For instance my father in law is 84 not 34. That would be an impossibility, though I wouldn't mind looking like a teenager while still being my age . By the way, he's going home soon albeit with an oxygen tank due to his infection.

Here is a topic that helps me get through the week pre-planned (along with Thursday Thirteen, and Friday Fishing). However, Wednesday Woes won't be on my alternate personality blog, middle aged princess, as that's me all positive and happy (well mostly ).

--First Wendesday Woes Me? So it's kind of a pain keeping up two blogs for personal topics. One being negative and starting out focused on family estrangement, and the other being positive and focused on fun stuff in my life, good memories, outings that sort of thing. On the other hand, this is possibly the cheapest form of therapy that I can find LOL. And I know there are more than a few health professionals that visit here, but I truly have never met a therapist that was helpful to me. I just don't think that is the way I operate. So I think I will keep my cheap form of therapy right here. This "seperateness" of these blogs started out to hide my identity from people. And while Middle Aged Princess does not exactly scream out who I am, you could probably follow the dogs (or blogs, was that a freudian slip or what?). Clearly, I am pretty out about this. On the other hand, I do sometimes talk about people that I don't necessarily want to know either blog exists. I know a lot of people share blogs with their friends, and they are out there exactly for that reason. Not so mine. I used to have a "family" website up, but the "family" never participated and I got bored of it (just trying to update with lack of info and participation is annoying). So I just took it down this year rather than paying for it.

---Well finances and the economy. Who isn't worried about this now? If you aren't, your probably wealthy enough not to worry about it. Rob's in his new job, and he has taken at least a paycut of one half. That I can deal with, but since it's commission only, it could be a lot harder hit. Got to get the house refinanced in this time frame. Trying to save the 401(k) savings, though I realize that thank God we have them (though I don't relish the penalty for early withdrawal---must talk to tax accountant about that) in case of emergency. Then I worry about retirement, we don't have children and we aren't getting any younger if you know what I mean. We took some risks this year for future benefit of our lives both financially and personally rewarding, I hope they work out. One of my relatives filed bankruptcy this year due to the hard hit economy (especially in any business dealing with real estate), and I don't even want to come remotely close to having to think about that. Or selling this house and downsizing. We've been through this all before and survived, is it possible that we can go through a good spell for at least a few years as we get older? Why did it seem simpler when we were younger LOL!!!

---Business doing in the hundreds of percentages better than last year, however, still needs to do better to keep all the pressure off husband, and so I can feel good about building a viable vehicle for self employment that supports our "place". One justification for our home, is it provides the workplace for me, and in the future could provide the workplace for a pet supply store and possibly an office for Robert. Course Robert running his own business, worries me in some respects, because he lets things fall through the cracks that he relies on his employer to be taking care of now. You don't have that luxury. I will need to post about the failed tea business in the future.

___Fing Mouse broke on computer so that I can't use any excel sheets here, and need to e-mail them upstairs. One too many hits from a dog running under the desk and sending it flying. Trying to find one already in the house to save some money being unnecessarily spent.

-----Very energetic today. Being that I am bipolar or at least cyclomanic (or whatever) that always leads to suspicions that a manic reaction is coming LOL. However, I am just rebounding from the devil of a sinus infection, and am current on my meds, so it's most likely just suddenly feeling better.

-----The state of the economy, real estate and mortgage industry, et is a very big worry these days in regards to my husband's job. Although he is a very talented individual, but he has been carrying the bulk of the load since at least 2003, and before that I managed to do that and I gave up the mantel when it was apparent he was surpassing me, and I could move on to better and more healthy interests. God, I hate accounting for instance. I am so having an accountant do my taxes this year, because they are now complicated, and I just don't have the strength that I once did to pour through tax (ridicoulous) law. I tried to revamp the bookkeeping/accounting small business this year, only to find that I just don't have the patience or liking of it anymore. Way more patience for dog training these days.

-----We love our tenants. They are the nicest young couple, and likely to move out this year. So do we do summer tenants and make the year's rent possibly in 12 weeks (less cost for furnishing and cleaning et) or do we find a year round tenant that we may hate (always a possibility) or do we kidnap the tenants and chain them in our basement. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. You didn't hear it from me.

-----I got these bags of poop from big boarding weeks lately. There was snow then, and a percentage of frozen snow was put in to make life easy for me. Now it's getting warmer, and garbage day isn't until Thursday..................

-----My husband will not 1) fix the windshield wiper on his car or 2) get an inspection sticker (almost a year over due now). This is part of his penny pinching ways that almost always ends up costing me more money than fixing the *&(%^^%&^%&^% windshield wiper would. I would "kidnap" the car but the husband works on the road.

-----My husband just accepted a delivery of gas without checking how much was delivered, and allowing them not to leave a receipt and bill us later. Great!!!

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