Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Yesterday I Had All These Thoughts

Where do my musings go when I am ready to write my blog. That's why I pre-prepare my blogs days in advance. Thursday Thirteens are a great help, because I can come up with lists all day long. It's really not that much effort for me to do so.

My husband's dad is stable now. Apparently he had an old blood clot, and he has an infection in his chest. He's still in the hospital, but being taken care of well. That is the only thing that has sucked about moving to the beach (an hour and a half away). He won't move up here, or even out of his upstairs apartment (bad hips). I know how he feels, but eventually these kind of practical things have to be done. Course it could be still many years in the future, like with my grandmother who lived on her own in her house until she was 89.

The husband just walked though all dressed up for a day on the road for his job. Then he announced that he hated his job. He came in to let me know they were going to do Natalie's career history on the Today show. They did Ann yesterday, and my favorite Al will be done tomorrow. So that finished, and the husband has gone down the stairs and on his way. He will vacilate between hating his job, and loving it. Good months he will love it (he's a salesman), and bad months (as is now as they have cut all sorts of programs, so he has nothing to sell) he will hate it. I wish he would start taking steps towards self employment. Meantime, I need to improve my game in that area, and we certaintly can't afford Robert to be full time self employed right now for a variety of reasons, not the least being that I can't afford my own health insurance yet!!

I am about to go get some coffee that has been prepared for me downstairs, the husband brought up the first cup at about 9 am this morning. I have one dog, Leon, completely under the covers asleep (everyone has been pooped, peed, and fed), Jack pressed up against my knees on the other side but above the covers, and old lady Jazz towards the foot of the bed curled up in a ball. Our time thermostat has made the room nice and warm. I don't know about you, but I need a warm bedroom in order to make it out of the bed in the morning. I have been up and about today to take care of the dogs. I have no appointments other than to train Jack, (probably won't train Leon as I suspect his knee is bothering him), clean the house, laundry, bills, update Moose's log (aggressive Weim client), pooper scoop the yard, get the tax info together for our accountant/friend, and that's about it. Not looking forward to it. Oh yes, working out is on my priority list too.

I am just getting over a sinus infection that I have had for three weeks, and won't go away. Or I think it does, then I stop taking the sinus medicine, then I regret it because it's still here. Seems there are a bunch of respiratory and stomache viruses going around right now all over the place. I am a big baby, and completely can't function when I feel sick.


crse said...

Im sorry ive been lurking although I truly enjoyed the religion blogs esp. Im glad his dad is better and that you are on the road to recovery too! I just want you to know that I really think the self-employment thing is brave. I admire you so much for doing that.

winterskibunny said...

Thank you, that's such a nice thing to say. You know, I just couldn't see myself continuing to work in those environments in that career choice. I really had nowhere to go unless I stayed, and unless I made room for myself somewhere.

I was feeling too much like a slave to corporate America, and the merger/acquisition atmosphere (although I never lost a job to it, but had to be involved in the layoffs) was way to wearing on my spirit.

Sometimes your inner self let's you know, it's time to move on. First hint, when I said outloud to a boss "if you take that, and rework it wrong again, and expect me to spend the night fixing it, I am going to find a way to stuff your body down the elevator shaft." The worst part, no one even thought of firing me for that!! Causing me to think of ways (such as pooping on my boss's desk while he was there) to get fired.

It's time to get out then. LOL