Wednesday, February 21, 2007

And Then There Are The Other Clients

Thankfully, most clients that want dog training services do care for there dogs. I should say, of the clients that I accept into the training program, those people 98% of the time have the well being of their dogs in mind. For which I am thankful, as clearly I couldn't take it otherwise. My blogs came to a screaching halt as I am so upset over this. There was no excuse for this dog to come back like this.

For one, I have clients whose dogs have behavioral problems that in the short term make them mildly dangerous. For instance, some dogs that I work with had the ability to deliver a bite, not at the most serious side of the spectrum, but still it could get there with practice. I am known for taking on dogs with behavioral problems that I feel I have the ability to handle, and owners that seem dedicated to solving the problem beyond the finances (ie actual time and work spent with the dog). You might expect that in the heat of the moment, where one of these owners thinks the dog might bite them or a guest, the dog could be misused. I haven't found this to be the case in owners that want to solve this problem with these dogs. In fact, these are some of the best cared for (not spoiled but well cared for in exercise, nutrition, vet care) dogs.

Now this Great Dane puppy (and dog coming out of this) had NO behavioral problems. He was a lovely Great Dane puppy. And he is a lovely Great Dane dog that now has some unnecessary medical problems due to abuse and neglect. I actually sent thank you notes to my clients that I know take great care of their dogs. Those clients also allow me to love my business and what I do:)

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