Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine's Day to "The Folks" Grouping (1)

Really going to try NOT to hold back on these, but it kind of goes against my nature. So if you think these are strong, that's sort of scary, cause I could go a whole lot worse LOL. On the other hand, I am trying to let my anger and rage fly. I use hate a lot when I perhaps don't mean "hate" cause it sounds funnier and is the opposite of "love" on VDay.

See, I can't do this right, cause I gotta apologize in advance for the "fatso" below, but I had to find something else to call the monster besides Bitch. Apt, but it gets boring over and over again. Plus bitch is a female dog, and they are quite lovely, while the monster is not. I am fat by the way....

To Mom (1):

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You’ve got a couple screws loose
Sad but true

Happy Valentine's Day!!
****Note, sort of fitting as it parrells my mom's recent blog post, which I take it to be that she's admitting she's not quite right. She is probably saying that about me, but I have taken my own interpretation of the subject matter that humans = being nuts. That stalking a person 900 miles in diapers should perhaps be a forgivable act because of this. And it may be, but not because all people have a certain disfunction. A chemical imbalance leading to something like skitzoid behavior would be something that does not even need forgiveness but is tragic. An intent to harm someone due to what you feel is yours, and you know that is wrong is unforgivable period.
Yeah, yeah, my husband already reminded me that I violated one of my NY's resolutions. Hey, these are still a work in progress, and if I am not successful in that one, I am fine with it. I don't check in that often anymore any way .

To The Monster (1):

Roses can be red
Black ones are dead

Figure out which you are getting, fatso!!!

To Dad (1):

Too bad
Sooooooooo sad

What's a guy to do?
When his only daughter hates him
And no one else likes you

Happy Valentine's Day.

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crse said...

AWESOME are much gentler on your mom than i would be...can i just tell you with all due respect that every time i go to her blog i become incredibly irritated with her sanctimonious tone. Everything she writes seems to try to send the message that she is not accountable for her actions. I shake my head in disgust....