Friday, February 09, 2007

Chanukah Poems To Tony & The Monster

Just so y'all can sweet I can be, here are the Chanukah poems that I made for my dad (aka Tony) and the Monster (aka my step----um----monster).
***These were done in holiday season 2002. Stopped talking to them around October 2005 due to the conflict that I wrote about, combined with being fed up to the moon with them from things they had done prior.

To [The Monster's Name Here]:

Chanukah lights one to eight
Are lit before it’s late

Glowing wicks gently light
The First sign of dusk before night

To [A Dad's Name Who Doesn't Deserve This]:

Chanukah is another day
To say thanks for our family,
Friends, co-workers, strangers and more,

Who make this hard life, not such a chore
With gentle smiles and peace in their heart
Make some days begin with a good start.

So thank you dad for being there
And showing each year how much you care.

Uh, yeah right!! Now for the things I should have said (VBEG). To follow shortly.

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