Tuesday, February 06, 2007

On Hockey

You know, something occurred to me lately, and it probably signified the beginning of my independence. I had written about how my parents insisted I did figure skating which I loathed. I do realize that parents often have their kids "try out" things for their own good. And many times even good parents forget that their kids might have things that they actually have an interest in, which they also forget to ask their kids about or value their opinion. Parenting is hard, and I realize that. It's why I haven't had kids, I realize the work that goes into it, even if one is a completely sucky parent, it's hard work. Never mind if you are a good parent, then it's an art form that takes up your life 24/7. Oh life, you probably don't have one that doesn't revolve around your kids at that point . Any way I digress.

So young ME wanted to play hockey not figure skating. It never occurred to me to outright revolt and just NOT do figure skating (as it would now). It also didn't occurr to me to tell my dad to pound sand when he insisted that my long hair be cut off (this was during the akward tuff skin period, junior high, not developing and already looking like a young boy) for the Hamel cut. Dorothy Hamel, and if you don't know who that is, you need to leave now.

In high school, I just realized I DID play hockey. Field hockey, okay, but as close as I was going to come. The HS provided the equipment in those days (don't know whether this is still the case after prop 2 and a half started nixing these things). I don't remember asking anyone's permission to do this. I mean I must have gotten it at some point, I just don't remember. I am pretty sure that is one of the times I split off, and started making my own decisions. I loved it, and I loved playing defense. I also wanted to play soccer too, but was a bit afraid of the more popular kids on the soccer team and fitting in. More geeks or overweight girls were on the field hockey team with some popular girls. I remember the football @holes entering the girls locker room, and luckily I was small enough to hide in a locker so they wouldn't see me. So I must have liked it enough to be doing it despite possible molestation or rape from those jerks. That never did happen to anyone, but my JHS experience did not give me the outmost confidence in boys at all.

Plus, field hockey kept me out of my house longer. Anything that kept me away, was a welcome thing.

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crse said...

You know i struggle with this as a mom. I was always forced into things to "build character" and was miserable and still have no talent. Your post encourages me that im doing the right thing by not pushing the issue and letting them find their own bliss!