Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day for "The Folks" Grouping (5) and Final

To The Monster:

I wanted to find a card just for you
But apparently Bitch, Cunt and Whore cards
Are far and few.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope it brings you EVERYTHING that you deserve.

To Dad:

L is for Looser
O is for over
V is for verbal (abuse)
E is for end

And F is for Fuck You
Happy Valentine’s Day Fuck Face

To Mom:

Oh life was sooo hard on you
You suffered and suffered oh yes it’s true
So I offer up the following present on Valentine’s Day

I’m going to stay far away!!
Happy Valentine’s Day Psycho.


crse said...

Just remember buddy, you gave them the cruelest gift of all, you found happiness without them...Happy Valentine's day my friend!

mannerly_mutt said...

It was impossible to find happiness WITH them, that's for sure!!!!!!