Saturday, February 03, 2007

More Pros and Cons Typepad vs Blogger

So, YouTube video, I figured out that if you type something before the insert to the videosite on Typepad or Blogger, it keeps the entry so you can change the tags and dates. While I was doing this before, stuff was disappearing. So frustrating, and so I just left the sucker alone once it was there.

So now there is Videoegg, also a free service and one that I prefer for videos. I still haven't tested it on this site, will need to do something so I can. If you upload that, it has you make your post up on Videoegg. Also the infor for the video is actually kept in your blog files (which I prefer though I am not sure why ) then in the video service, though you can do that too.

Oh, I remember why, because I have gigs and gigs of space to play with in Typepad to keep files like that, while you are limited to MBS of storage space on YouTube. Course you could just keep opening up accounts, but a pain. So in Video egg, you don't need to store it there, but can instead store it in the service that you are actually paying for the space to store those things, since an amazing amount of text takes up almost zero room these days, while video still can suck up the MBS or GIGS quite quickly.

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