Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day to "The Folks" Group (4)

Got a bit carried away creatively on these. I think the shorter ones are funnier. What do you think?

To The Monster (4):

On the day of St Valentine
While your heart so black withers
On your marriage a dead dry vine

Things you have amassed to this day
By getting men to pay your way
Sparkle, shine, and soft of furs and jewels
Because accomplishments can’t be had by an ignorant fool

One you’ve caught who will never leave
It’s not necessary for him to deceive
As his heart is empty just like yours
But loneliness is not his wish
And so the one that will have him, is his dish

So enjoy your day
While you suck the life
And joy from others who you can’t see
Have their own cares that don’t always include thee.

In other words, it’s not always about you, Bitch. (wanted to use the C word there, but just didn’t feel like it worked in the end)

To Dad (4):

A choice was never asked of you
A choice you made, yes it’s true
To treat your daughter like a piece of shit
From childhood to adulthood, you great fat prick!!

And on this Valentine’s Day the tables are turned
Another holiday for you I don’t yearn
In fact Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter
It’s true, are all better without you

Father’s day, what’s that?
A sad day my whole life, that’s a fact.
What the fuck do you deserve?
Except a big fat seagull turd
On your head!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day you stupid jerk.

To Mom (4):

A riddle to me
You will always be

Mentally ill
Or just not nice

Or perhaps the combo of both
Is your vice?

So I wish a narcistic Valentine’s Day to you
I’m afraid that’s the best I’m gonna do


crse said...

its that catch twenty two of god you just want them to read them and knowing it wouldnt make a difference...THESE ARE POETRY!!!

winterskibunny said...

It would make a difference, it would make it much worse The folks "can't handle the truth".