Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Worst Days of My Life

I have been in a such a good mood lately, that it's been kind of a struggle to write about this stuff . See I found something to complain about after all. And in that spirit, I present the 13 worst days of my life (I am excluding death from this list):

  1. 22 or 23 years old, living in Southbridge where I commute a half hour to work every day, and I have the only working car that my husband and I share. We have no "cash reserves" and the car dies. About 1989, I remember how hopeless I felt that day. Horrible.
  2. Goes without saying, when I was 18 or 19, and agreed to move in with my dad and monster while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. Huge mistake.
  3. Which brings me to the last day in dad's house (barely two months later) when I was awaken after coming home in the evening by a slap from the monster.
  4. Was at the vets with my cat, Clyde, who had been hit by a car. Our car's axel broke, and my dad wouldn't come pick us up to bring us home. In fact, he yelled at me about caring about my %$#@** cat, and that was the reason he wouldn't help. Cat became indoors, completely healed and lived until 19 years old.
  5. The day I found out my dog had cardiomiopathy and what that meant.
  6. The day we found out that Robert's mom had cancer.
  7. The day we found out that after remission, Rob's mom's cancer came back.
  8. I completely Fd around during music college, didn't attend classes, and didn't go to finals or mid terms. For some insane reason, I did decide to go to the panel with a piece of music that I had not even practiced with an accompaniest that I found that day. Horrible. Got reamed by the panel, and then felt even worse because my flute teacher stood up for me as working all night (she didn't realize I was partying all night more). Not a good day.
  9. The day the gas station was broke into, while I was at college, because I left my post to attend a party.
  10. September 11th, I thought the world was ending. Horrid day. More so for other people than me, but it is a pivotal point in my life where I started wondering at what the real priorities were for me.
  11. Day my husband went in for a section of his intestine to be taken out, even though everything worked out well. It was pretty stressful.
  12. Day that Jazz, instead of staying in the backyard and doing her business that she had done her whole life, instead decided to bolt to the street and say hi to the beagle that had stopped there. A very good recall command kept this from becoming a tragedy, but she still got grazed by a speeding truck that did not stop. She was in pain for several weeks, but fine. (and we learned about efences and ecollars as a result)
  13. First job that I got laid off at a crummy accounting firm. I had showed up that day, husband had brought me in the only car that we owned that ran at the time and had gone onto his own job. There was no more work, and they only thought to tell me that when I got there. One of the partners (only two people in the whole firm, I was only staff) had to drive me home. Awkward...and what assholes. Actually, all turned out to be a good thing, if you can imagine. I have some funny stories about that place loosing records, and having to "manufacture" stuff without the clients knowing it, as if they actually did have the records. Horrid place.


crse said...

wow this is a good post idea for winter and it totally fits the mood of my week....I hope the bst day list is much longer buddy!

winterskibunny said...

It is, don't worry:) Many many more best days. Even some of the bad memories have a good component to them.

Like the infernal dust buster (that's what we called my Plymouth) that we took to the Cape (when we were young) and had to pull over every 10 miles (I kid you not) to cool off the radiator, but we were so stir crazy it had to be done.

Same car, could only be started from inside the hood. Still makes me laugh.

And the car, in the winter, could never be counted on to start, that was always a gift!!!