Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Problems that I Have With Organized Religion

I am picking mostly on my understanding of Roman Catholic as that is what my Italian grandparents and some current family members follow:
  1. Can you say sexist, first of all?
  2. Confessions, and how they can wipe away whatever you do.
  3. That marriage's main purpose is for procreation.
  4. Against birth control.
  5. That sex is only for procreation. (guess the term population explosion wasn't real big when the bible was being developed)
  6. That the church tried to hide and shield pedophile priests.
  7. That there have traditionally been no female priests or females in the hierarchy of the church.
  8. Against relationships that include sex without marriage, or sexual experimentation period.
  9. Against same sex relationships.
  10. That you can not follow the religion until you feel like it, and then end up pope.
  11. The whole worshipping the pope as if he is God.
  12. The belief that others who believe differently are going to hell.
  13. Also confessions, and having priests judge you who can often not follow their own religious rules.

These thoughts came to me after a discussion with a cousin. He asked me to name three things that I had against organized religion, and I said "do I have to stop at three" . And I do believe in everyone's right to their own religion or beliefs. This always comes up when someone is trying to convince ME that I do not have the right to my religious beliefs. Or that my marriage is less because I did not procreate as they see is my duty to THEIR GOD. Oh, don't get me started.


crse said...

do i have to stop at three? (THAT IS HILARIOUS!) Did the pope really not follow the religion for a while? (im not catholic, i have no idea) What an awesome TT for ash wednesday!

winterskibunny said...

Not the current pope (and who knows he might have the same story) but the previous pope who died not too long ago, was an actor and had sex before he "found" religion and decided that was all wrong.

For the absolute head of that religion not to have followed it for his whole life, it boggles the mind.

winterskibunny said...

And by the way, there are way more than thirteen reasons that I can come up with too. I am just afraid I won't be able to stop:)