Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Valentines Day for Hubby

I like to make homemade cards. I haven't done so for a few years, but awhile back I was so into it that I took calligraphy courses, and wasn't bad. This was surprising to me as my handwriting BLOWS CHUNKS. When I worked as an accountant, I tried to do everything, even what we call manual workpapers on the computer. Hence part of the reason I have become talented in figuring out all sorts of computer programs, I've just been around them so much, and even if they are different they all operate on the same principles and ideas......basically.

So being the creative person that I am inside, I started playing with paper, glue, sparkles, stamps et. I have given out a few cards, and a few with personal poems. The main recipient of those, my dad UGH. My poor husband never got one. It's not that I never attempted a card for him, I was never happy how his turned out. Yet I have given my husband love poems, which he cherishes. I'll have to publish some of those here, so you can see how sweet I was to my family that could have cared less. What I hate though, is the one that would find a folded up piece of grocery bag as a card charming, is the one who hasn't gotten one of my handmade cards. The rest of my family and friends are just getting valentines post cards that I picked up a long time ago. I am still figuring out whether I will send them as a "secret admirer" just for fun.

Then there will be my "special" cyber cards for three members of my family. I don't think they visit here anymore (after an oops on my part with technorati that identified all of my blogs), so I doubt they will ever see them.

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crse said...

secret admirer! that is SUCH a great idea....i cant wait to see the cyber cards!