Monday, February 26, 2007

Family Not Well

My husband lost his mother Dec 2005. Our cat died in 2006. And now, his father is having multiple problems at the age of 34. He has contracted pnemonia and a blood clot. He is also bipolar, so often these things mean that he needs to go off that mediciation. He can already be difficult about medical stuff as it is (on meds) never mind off meds.

He has a proxy, and that son is trying to get control now, as he is refusing tests and stuff, and not with it due to the med problem. Though I bet he would still be putting up a fight. I am hoping perhaps 2007 could be a year that we could avoid another loss. Ugh. My father in law has been a very loving father to his kids, and a great father in law to me. My fingers are crossed. So far he is stable.

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