Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Most Dysfunctional Family You Can Have-Corporate America

Husband has secured employment with a new company. Basically happened in an hour, but we hadn't gotten the offer as yet. Nevertheless, have you seen what the market conditions of my husband's industry have done to the stock in one day. Holy Fuck!!! Last time it dipped, it was blaming China now it's blaming this industry for that too.

It's such a moronic thing that every subprime mortgage lender decided to FINALLY take action on the same day. Oh that's not going to cause a panicked stampede. You gotta love it. Oh, it's a real thing that these companies are eating their losses due to past "successful" sales to people with less than stellar credit. Duh!! However, there is a market for that, you just have to work it correctly. Like anything else.

Half of what happens in the stock market (no make that more than half) is never the reality of the situation, but the perception of the reality of the situation. It kills me how one person's article can make the stock bounce for that day. Then the next day a different article comes out and it bounces the other way. The best is when another company in the same industry does something illegal, and all their competitors stocks go down more.

So my husband's new position will be in the same industry. That's sort of a shame, but it could be a plus. In that every other company has pulled out, they are the one company in the area that COULD rebuild and get the few products remaining to lending brokers. This company just got their license in the area where everyone pulled out. Soooooo.......wouldn't be such a good idea to pull out just as it's getting interesting.

We will see as usual. Trying to finesse out of dipping into our retirement savings. Bet this will be the theme for the rest of the year:)

Me, I took 8 hours to file last year's work and get more organized on taxes.

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crse said...

Erk..taxes...must address that soon. I suck. But yay for husband's job! I really really hope this yields good things for you folks. (fingers crossed)