Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vote for The Worst Dot Com, How Sanjaya is Staying in The Game

It's been very much disturbing me that Sanjaya has stayed in the American Idol game. First of all, this season I am being FORCED to watch American Idol by my husband. To me, this must be some bonafide case of certified spousal abuse. Ugh, this season is so uninspiring.

I know there are some people that actually like Sanjaya, but to me he is the absolute worst of the crop. What he inspires in me is the case of the yawns. Sorry, I know it's hard to go up there, and koodos for him for being there, but ENOUGH.

Now I find out, while watching my Howard (Stern) on Demand, there is an actual movement to keep Sanjaya in the game. It's a sadistic plot of others that are bored like me to make the show more interesting by seeing how far they can drag him along.

My pick, even uninspired, is Melinda Doolittle. However, I have yet to have a pick make it to be THE Idol.

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crse said...

i dont watch the show but he seems like the guy people love the loathe. I do like reading about it.