Saturday, March 17, 2007

Snowy Saturday

You know, for big tough "guard dogs", Dobermans have to be the biggest wimps on earth. Leon goes out to do his business, and husband comes back and reports he let Leon back in, as he was wailing mournfully at the door. Jack did manage to make a dash into the woods by himself for his morning poop and pee. So he is only slightly less pitiful than Leon.

Reminded me of when we first got Leon (1/2004). He was flown in from Georgia of about 60 degrees, sunny and grass to Mass under two feet of snow and cooooolllllldddd. House training was a joy. It did work for me on occasion the frigid gusts of wind would make Leon not want to stand there and just go. There were plenty of times where the unit and ass just puckered up from the windy gusts and did not want to let go of the loot outside. And there I would stand "For the love of God, Leon, go to the bathroom." This was about the only thing Leon sucked at as a puppy, and I saying this knowing he was for the most part house trained in a month or so. Took a lot of work and diligence and NO PEE PADS.

I have the aggressive weim on Monday, and it never fails that we get shitty weather for his lesson, especially now that we are on lesson six which calls for outside distractions. Owners are bound to give me the finger if the cold keeps up and I drag them outside once again LOL. On the upside, last time I was there, I was so pleased with the owner's (and the dog's) progress. Without the owners doing the work, the dog would not be progressing and would become dangerous (or more dangerous) one day. Now he is on the right track, as are the owners.

The snow started last night. Pelting rain started after sleep. I woke up wondering what the can guy was doing up at 2am(used to be people collecting cans on garbage day when we were in the city). However, instead I think it was trees falling and the pelting of ice and rain against the windows.

My husband and I went down to the ocean to watch the high tides. It was the highest we had ever seen and the waves were sloshing a bit over the road. A plow truck was busy just pushing water out of the streets lined with motels across the ocean.

All in all, a nice day except that the husband is still suffering from his walking pneumonia.

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