Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cousin Visit

Well my cousin braved another household visit. We were much easier on him this time. I had sent a note saying we were sorry if we gave him a hard time before. He appreciated it, and said not to worry as he could take a little humor right now.

Course my cousin came over unannounced at 9:32 pm on a Sunday night. Right in the middle of my Rome episode. Thank God for the easy recording these days and HBO on demand for the next day just in case.

But my cousin is a good egg, and it's always nice to see him/her. The question of Christmas here came up and I was like well you are going to want to be with your parents right? And your parents are going to want to be at Tony (my biological sperm donor) and his C*nt of a wife. (didn't use those terms of course, was very pc and diplomatic). So the cousin suggests we could just have ours the next day. Now that would be like a six hour commute for everyone in a couple of days. That doesn't seem pleasant or likely for them.

I said, I will probably take a non-religious holiday that no one cares about, but that I like. Probably Halloween or something. That could be fun. Let's face it, at the gatherings on that side, fun is sadly lacking anyway.

And with the news of our decreased finances (which no one in my family has been told about) well, it might not be a reality as we like to do it up here.


crse said...

Perhaps cousin is a good egg but 930 on a sunday night? Id be bitter friend. Very bitter. Im glad it was a nice visit though....

winterskibunny said...

The husband (very unlike him) told him that he has to call before he comes over:) That's all, just give us a heads up. We arent' ALWAYS here you know.

And except that I need to see Rome when the episode comes out, I am normally asleep by then.

By the way, Rome has been cancelled after this season plays out. I am in mourning.