Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day!!

Our guests yesterday were delightful. Very good time. I am not usually a baby person, but baby Cole was way cute. Leon was especially enamored of him. Leon would love having his own little boy or girl!!

Cole has downs syndrome. His parents are quite on top of it, and dealing with the developmental and health complications. He is a very happy baby. His dad can get him into a fit of giggles in a flash!! He is also used to having dog noses investigate him all the time LOL. He is still pretty young, and just now eating real food. He gobbled up the fruit salad with gusto!! V ery cute, you see a kid like this, and you think what if we.......and then you stop because it's a very expensive, time consuming, and big time additional responsibility. Mark has a history of breeding cute kids by the way. He has three from his previous marriage, two boys and one girl. Celine is a cute tween chatter box. She always hugs me, and wants to be involved in the training of Tyler. Then the boys, who are a few years younger, are the boisterous but very nice boys. Noah, the youngest, is like Denise the Menace LOL. I remember a party where the kids were at the early evening, and then everyone was put to bed before the drinking and gambling began. So the dogs were loose and having fun too, then at like midnight, I spot Noah dragging my dog Jazz around. He had snuck out of bed to be with the dogs!!! Trouble, but cute cute kids. Poor Jazz, good thing she is such a good patient girl.

Robert had made my favorite marmalade chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, and a great fruit salad (we have a very good fruit market not far away from us). Then he made brownies from this Giradelli mix that he found at BJS. Love them, and I think when he saw that he threw the rest of them away LOL. Guess that's another thing that I can not be trusted with.

Took a beach time walk with the dogs, and baby. Sunny but a little gusty. Dogs had a blast, and Tyler saw water for the first time. For a lab, he didn't exactly dash in. Jazzabelle was chasing everyone around at 14 years old. Jackie was left home as punishment as he was trying to bully Tyler all day (par for the course and what a lot of his training is focusing on right now). Tyler did very well, and I was glad to see the training had continued.

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crse said...

awww! how good to have a nice visit to get the taste of the bad visit out of your mouth!