Monday, April 23, 2007


This is a sticky note (scroll down for posts before April 21st (extended to the 23rd by the way)----day voting ends)

Due to a technical glitch failure at dorkbloggers, I still have a chance at the princess crown. Did I fail to mention before that you can vote for me every day?
No one else is mentioning how they will fulfill their dork title duties. Well first of all, there will be a portrait of at least me, if not my whole family, holding the covetted amazon certificate, wearing my tiara, with my robe, staff, and throne (oh yes with dork button on). Who else is promising you such things I ask?

I will also work on providing better stories, and being sure my family is on alert to observe and report dorky moments. This shouldn't be too hard for them.
Dork sob story to garner sympathy---I only ever won one thing. A stuffed tiger from a ring throw. My husband managed to squirrel it out of the house one day, and got it into the dumpster. I realized too late. Please help me realize my dreams of winning SOMETHING.

That is, unless I really am destined to win Megamillions or the Powerball, of which I am convinced I will.

Oh and because I completely dorked it, please vote for Mannerly Mutts, only as I completely gaffed it and a spread on three blogs would not get me enough. The competition is fierce people, and the only way I can pull out ahead is through the unfortunate technical error. Hahahahaha. It is mine I tell you. I can feel it.
Oh, don't bother to read anyone else's submissions. Hell, don't read mine just vote. And whatever you do, don't read Zigmans!!


ZigZagMan said...

HEY NOW!!!!!!! :) Sadly however...I too believe I am destined to win the lotto as well...:)

winterskibunny said...

You can win mega bucks, and I can win the powerball (g)

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

hey you do realize by telling people NOT to read his blog.... they actually will be more intrigued and go read it? thanks for the campaign help! why didnt I think of this? oh and I am board for the lotto winnings as previously negotiated.

hey... I still wanna see that aforementioned pic of you with tiara, cape, dork button, staff, and throne. Specifically as mentioned. nothing else. :)

I must say though, brilliant idea to provide your intent on fullfilling dork duties. Truly brilliant. best wishes.

winterskibunny said...

Oh, we all know Zig is beating my arse LOL. Plotting for this June, and I already got my story.

Figure I might as well drive people to my favorite story, as I clearly won't win this time:(

ZigZagMan said...

You my friend...waged a fine was a privilage to dance with you this....:)