Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Thirteen Favorite Places

  1. Musical fountain at Disney World. I cry every time I see it.

  2. Coast Guard Beach in the Cape. Really lovely high sand cliffs, and miles and miles of beach.

  3. Long Sands Beach right here in York Maine (off season of course).

  4. Boynton Park in Worcester Mass. Small water fall at the end, and there is an old Indian meeting place along the way.

  5. Cliff walks along the mansions in Newport Rhode Island.

  6. The cliff walks right here in York Maine along the Mansions (not as impressive as Newport mansions, but they will do LOL)

  7. Greenleaves take out Chinese Restaurant right here in York Maine.

  8. Bintliff's restaurant in Ogunquit Maine.

  9. Anthony's Italian restaurant in Worcester Mass.

  10. Mount Mansfield in Stowe Vermont (for that matter all of Stowe Vermont).

  11. Crown Bakery in Worcester Mass right around Easter for their butter cream bunnies.

  12. From my childhood, an old torado cellar in the field behind my childhood house. I used to go their to write poetry, and it was also a fort/hangout with my friends.

  13. New York City, in particular the Carenegy Diner. Do you know they will deliver liver patte sandwiche to your hotel door?


crse said...

wait? are all these things gone?

winterskibunny said...

OMG, I wrote this assignment to myself like two months ago, did it the other day, and didn't read my own whole title.

Sorry, didn't mean to cause panick and mayhem. Guess I will need to do this for a June Thursday 13 now.

Or amend this one tomorrow.

crse said...

oh no its fine! I never have been to any of them so i was ok with it. I was just wondering because of the way it was written. But now i can look forward to visiting some of these places!

winterskibunny said...

LOL, my heart would stop if I thought any of these were gone. Course the same is for the other list I am about to do. The El Morocco for instance, who ever thunk that would not be there anymore?

If I had to just save one on my current list, it would probably be the musical fountain. Though, I don't know, chopped liver sandwiches delivered to your hotel room from the Carnegie Deli?