Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) Favorite Places That Have Been Lost or Changed

This is what I meant to post last week by the way, but didn't read my own full title!! Tried to post what lingering proof of their existence still exists on the web. I can't believe there is no record or stories of the El Morocco out there:(

  1. El Morocco in Worcester Mass---Gone and no trace of pictures or history to be found on the web. Was around wayyyyyy before I was born, and in the day when it was basically in a large tenament cellar (the best----they ruined it when they built a large restaurant on a hill) well known movie stars would go there, and their pictures were plastered all over the wall!!!

  2. Spags in Worcester Mass----Now owned by Building 19, and not the same.

  3. Picnic on The Park in Worcester Mass----Wasn't there long, but when it was it was right around the corner from us for about the year. The absolute best and ice cold tuna sandwiches and home made ice cream.

  4. The Tea Merchant on Newbury Street in Boston Mass. This was the first place I was able to find loose leaf tea of the quality that I desired. I believe the new competion (like Tealuxe-----which is not as good but has good marketing and a kitchen to eat and drink in unlike the Merchant) drove them out.

  5. The Teddy Bear store in Fanual Hall in Boston Mass (also used to be an amazing music box store, and doll store). This was the best store ever. They used to have this "bear house" in the window that looked like it was carved out of a log.

  6. Boston Brownies in Fanual Hall food court in Boston Mass I believe the link provided is what happened to Boston Brownies. They went bigger, I think, yet shelved the high rent at Fanual Hall. These brownies are unbelievable and I used to have almost instant access when I travelled to Boston. Alas, no more.

  7. Paul Revere Insurance as place of employment in Worcester Mass. When I worked there, they had a whole special room built to show off the Paul Revere silver that they had collected. Apparently when Unum and Provident bought them out, their Paul Revere silver collection was donated to the Worcester Art Museum.

  8. Webster Square Theatre in Worcester Mass. Also a place I worked, and it was closed down a long time ago.

  9. Old Showcase Theatre in Worcester Mass (although I hear they are reviving it)

  10. The Worcester Galleria This is basically a dead bohemeth in the middle of Worcester Center right now. God knows what is going to happen to it. One day it's going to be ripped down, the next day it's going to be made into something.

  11. Charles Kay Dress Shop in downtown Worcester. Loved this store, though the snotty dress clerk, when asked to show me a bridal dress after coming in from a rain storm, would only tell me "that dress is too expensive for you." Granted I did look like a drowned rat, but what an idiot.

  12. The Tatnuck Bookseller on Chandler St in Worcester Mass. This was around the corner from my old house. Ironically it was closed down right after we moved to Maine. It was one of the things I was going to miss about Worcester, and then "poof" without warning it was gone. Also Ironically, we had the best vet there, and she moved to Kentucky. I take it as a sign that we made the right move.
  13. Friday's on in Boston (before it became the awful chain it is today). Don't bother to go there now, as they have truly horrid food these days.

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crse said...

boston brownies. Who would think that in a list of gone or lost places, this little nugget of chocolatey goodness would be nestled in!