Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What Is More Important Than Money

News, I have become convinced, is really just one long commercial. Today had an author on of a book regarding how woman should protect themselves financially.

She really ticked me off. It's true, everyone (men and woman both) need to look to their financial future. She was talking about allowing fear to negate any value for woman (or men by the way, she seemed to forget that sometimes men decide to do this) staying at home for their children. That they should be ruled by the fear of the divorce rate, death, disability of their spouse as the sole reason for being in the workplace.

I am thinking that she had a personally tramatic experience. I read blogs on parents who are enjoying their time with their kids so much. It touches me deeply. As human beings, many of us are equipped to survive and roll with our circumstances. Okay, maybe it will be a little tougher to get that job. As for divorce, there is child support and alimony. You can also get a job or be self employed. Easy? No. But worthwhile to have spent quality time with the children IMO. I don't mind that moms go out in the workplace either, or have a two parent working household. Sometimes it is necessary, or both parents might actually enjoy what they do. As long as when they go home, they have a healthy vibrant relationship with the kids....great. But to downgrade the usefullness of a parent deciding to stay home and enjoy the children as less valuable than the dollar? Wow, I think that lady's life must be pretty shallow.

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