Sunday, April 08, 2007

Random Thoughts Today

---Recently I was reviewing my husband's health insurance. I noticed that adoption was covered, fertilization procedures were covered, et. Birth control pills---not covered, vasectomy (we used to have an insurance that covered this I KNOW, we used it) not covered, female procedure to do this also not covered. What is up with that? Am I paranoid to think that's the Christian Right Wing influence? By the way the procedures or adoption process to get a baby, WAAYYYY more expensive than preventing ones self from having a baby. Things like this scare me, and I get glad I don't have children who might be affected by this later on. The world is a strange and scary place. Or I am just way too much of a feminist. Dunno.

----In a convo with the cous, I realized all of a sudden that while I have felt like the black sheep in the family, I am actually one of the few cousins with a college degree, and who has done as well as could be done on my own. I mean, honestly, we have done pretty good even though we have worries now and again. I mean, we are not independently wealthy by any means. Any means at all, but more comfortable than most. How did my parents convince me that I was such a worthless black sheep of a person? The light suddenly went on, why do I beat myself up for putting myself through college a couple of years late? I mean, I did it. On my own, well, mostly with help from my now husband then boyfriend of fiance. Certainly not with the help of my family, that is fo sho.

(These are things that flit through my mind, that I think I am going to remember to blog about later in depth, but somehow never make it from my short term memory to the blog page. There is a short in there somewhere.)

----Had the cousin over recently who is in charge of the upcoming anniversary celebration. Happy to report that everyone seems to want me there, and not want me to worry about anything. They have the seating under control. Well at least I hope so, I am not sure the cousin in charge of the seating actually KNOWS about the rift. So hopefully the other cousin isn't like me, and forgets to fill them in. Can you see the seating chart now? Sperm Donor, BA Monster, Me----Yeeks. Whatever, we are adults even if they are infants, and cowardly to boot. Got a newsflash that this is not the only family drama going on these days. More on that at a later date. And not that there is any real drama going on with my situation. I haven't seen my dad since before October 2005, and I think I last e-mailed him March 2006. I have no wish or need to see him, though I am sure I will do just fine at ignoring him should he be in the same place as me. I just have nothing to say to him anymore. The Valentine's poems really helped shelf a lot of that anger. Why? Who knows. Anyone here have an explanation on why that works so well?

------Upcoming presidents for 2008. Please please tell me that there is no way that Mitt Romney can win. Barfola, and I used to live in Mass. Mass has been royally screwed by every governor starting with at least Ducakis (sp?). Weld was good, but he deserted Mass second term, LIKE HE PROMISED HE WOULD NOT DO. Burn in hell, Weld buddy. There was Swifty, who made sure there will be no other woman Governor in Mass anytime in the foreseeable future. I looked up Obama, and kept typing in Osama LOL. His middle name really doesn't help either. I think someone is pulling a punk on us. He seems okay, but I am still not sure what his deal is. Hillary is a maybe but crooked. But hey, who the heck isn't? Running or otherwise? You want a non-crooked president. I guess we would have to re-elect Jimmy Carter, but I am not sure about that.
------Most drug tests in corporate America are illegal search and seizure. Listen, I do not take drugs. I have probably had five or more drug tests AND physicals in order to be hired for a job. You COULD refuse to take a test, and the employer 95% of the time is not going to respect your right, but instead not hire you under an assumption. There are jobs out there where a drug test might be appropriate. Largely, I think no. I am glad to be self employed now, as I do not require a drug test of myself. Now, I am watching my husband needing to submit to them monthly for his job. First of all, this is another hour out of a day for which he is not compensated (he is 100% commission). Second of all, you now need to worry about eating poppy seed bages (which are legal) or what kinds of aspirin substitutes that you may take that work for you. He just got over pneumonia and couldn't take some cold syrups with codeine in it. He's a friggin salesperson for God's sake. Or manager. Jeez louis. Do we really think we live in a Democratic society and that our constitution isn't broken everyday? Any way, it's been annoying me lately. The thing is, how do you ask anyone to stand up to it? I wasn't wanting to when my livelyhood was dependent on it. And the fact that they had me do a physical with some strange doctor, and I just did it. That's sort of frightening. I do not like it.


crse said...

im very interested on how the anniversary party turns out. I cant talk about the political stuff. It pisses me off too much.
But go you for not needing them because you dont. (your family)

winterskibunny said...

I am very interested in how the anniversary party turns out too. It will be the first time seeing everyone together in almost two years.

I pretty much should go as my Florida cousins will be there, and I see them like every 7 years or something. And I like them!!

Plus if there is ANY chance that my cousins, who moved to Italy Rome, will be there.....well then I would really really need to be there to see them as well.

These cousins other side of the family is fairly cool and fun. Hugely different than our side of that family.