Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Terrible Tuesday, Mourning Monday

Day after the horrific Va Tech shooting. It is unacceptable that there was not (at the least) an immediate warning to those on campus. The University President's excuse is that they could not stop people coming in. I would hope there is a way to close down the parking lots for incoming students and send them away, as well as, any that were going in would most likely have been warned by the students who decided to leave.

It firms in my mind that students to admin in college are not much more than tuition checks. They did not feel it necessary to tell these adults (young adults but adults) that they were in danger. Even if the university could not have gotten qualified security protection down there, and even though they didn't know they had two hours, this measure would have likely at least given people the choice to stay and get out. Good lord, I would never want a college administrator deciding my fate like that.

Undoubtadly, this is something the President of the University is going to feel horrible over, and never get over. I hope this ingites some sort of safety procedures for when you have a shooter at large ...... jeesh. See, this is why I am glad I don't have children. How horrible for these parents, wives, and husbands that lost the teachers and students of this university.

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