Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Va Tech If I hear them try to defend themselves one more time, instead of take care of their students and comfort the parents, I will explode


It is with complete disgust that I keep hearing on the news "so and so wants you to know the president of VA Tech did nothing wrong." MAYBE that's right, but you know what I don't care at the moment. Stop trying to save your ass, and instead perhaps show concern towards the students and parents.

Maybe let them know that you will review what happened, and take measures to try and prevent something like this from happening in the future. I can tell you, if I had a kid and all I was hearing was them trying to cover their admin butts, I would not only be pulling my kid but demanding the tuition back (at least prorated).

Hey %ssholes, 30 or so kids and teachers just got killed. Perhaps, oh I don't know, things could have gone better. Or maybe they couldn't, but perhaps you should be apologizing and comforting now anyways.

You know during college I had my own run in with these putz heads. Admin people who could care less about the students. I mean, your parents (as far as they are concerned, and it doesn't matter if it's you instead paying) have paid the tuition. Unless they complain and make waves, you are screwed. I found this out on two ocaisions, one where I had proof that the professor had given me the grade of another (he thought I was another student the whole class), but had thrown out everyone's work and so only wanted to give me a C because he didn't know how I actually did. Ugh. Then another where the finacial aid advisor didn't want to advise me, just wanted me to go away. Both times the admin staff made it clear that they thought I was powerless. Little did they know my powers even then of being a big fat pain in the ass squeaky wheel.

This situation just reminds me of their complete dissasociation with reality. These are usually academics that think they are so smart and all powerful because they are not usually challenged in any way. You know in corporate America they make the same mistake. When they have obviously or did obviously do something wrong, they deny deny deny. It just makes them look worse, and I don't know why these organizations don't recognize this. A nice helping of humble pie would make them look a whole lot better, and make people a lot less angry at them, even after an incident of this magnitude.

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