Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Movie Review "The Unsaid"

The Unsaid is a good thriller. One part of the movie caught me off guard, and then I am second guessing whether I should have seen it coming. Sort of like the Sixth Sense, when I was almost there, and then shelved the thought during the movie. It was just the beginning of a thought.

I like when a movie catches me by surprise, though I wonder if others will be caught unawares as much as I was. I won't tell you which story caught me unaware.

Anyway this pshychiatrist looses his son to suicide during the teen years. No one knows why he did it, although he was quite moody. Later on a former student asks him about a case she has. This kid has been in the hospital since his father killed his mother. The former student thinks there is something just not right yet about this kid, and he is up for release soon. So she seeks out a second opinion on the matter. Thankfully cheesy sex did not ensue between the two:) I hate when that happens. (the professor and his younger former student)

It was a pretty compelling thriller. Probably not at all appropriate subject matter for the kids (as most of my movies are not).

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ZigZagMan said...

I'll have to check this one out...I've a lil lacking in my movie madness of late..:)