Tuesday, April 03, 2007

50th Anniversary!!

Yesterday was a busy day of appointments and finalizing the taxes for 2006 with our "accountant" aka the husband's high school friend. It was hard for me to let go, having previously done this for a living myself, but it felt so right in the end. 2007 should not be a problem.

So I had walked the Great Dane pups, gone to the bank, and was going into the post office. Here in "rural country" our house is too rural to have mail delivered to it. There are actually some benefits to this, if you are as private a person as I am. As is my habit, I thumb through the mail to provide a bit more excitement to my day, and lo and behold there is an envelope with the return address from a cousing that lives in FL. Odd, it's not really around a holiday that we would exchange cards. Gram used to have Easter at her house. Then BA the monster hijjacked it, and it became "Passover only" cause of her religion. Not that I mind celebrating another holiday, but it's like she went out of her way to erase any mention or specialness about the Easter we used to celebrate. And this to me wasn't a religious celebration but a family celebration. Oh, well, the family has gone to hell any way.

So I open it up, to find an invitation to my Aunt and Uncle's surprise anniversary party!! I am not sure if I should mention to my cousins that I will be just as welcome at this party, as I was when I got the disinvite about 20 years ago to my other cousins wedding to the the Beaytch BA the monster situation. They happen to be good friends with both the sperm donor and the monster. Oh well, I would like to be there at a family celebration to wish my Aunt and Uncle congrats. If this could be pulled off without the viper attacking me, that would be swell. Judging from her behavior at the husband's mom's funeral however, I wonder how realistic it would be to expect this would happen. She seems to have very little control of herself, and someone whose face grows red with rage as she stomps past, does not seem to be under a whole lot of impulse control. Also someone who woke me from a sound sleep at the age of nineteen to slap me across the face, AND STILL TO THIS DAY MAKES NO APOLOGIES FOR IT. Even when she found out, dad had told me to go to sleep and he was going to do the dishes. This is what she slapped me out of sleep for. She got one of the few right hooks I have ever thrown for her troubles though. And if anything gives me less reason to worry, she knows that I won't stand there and be physically assualted, but I still do wonder about her overall state of mind as she has been slipping out in public these days.

You know after she told me after 18 years that I had destroyed her marriage, I got a bit bitter. All that time I was sucking up to her, asking how I could help her, getting her gifts, being sure to have conversation with her first when I was calling my dad, ignoring her slights and snide remarks, giving her the benefit of the doubt, and then this viper has the nerve to say that, because I refused her one thing. I would not allow her to represent me in selling my house.

So I got ....well...enraged. I have done some things that might have irked her since. One such thing is not letting her bad behavior go uncommented to her and my father, even if I needed to telegram it to her, I will get my message through loud and clear. STAY THE F AWAY FROM ME. Case in point, I had several lovely discussions with her manager, that she is not to be let into my house as a broker representative of their company. I let him know she had been physically abusive to me, and therefore could not be trusted in my house AND THAT THEIR COMPANY WOULD BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE SHOULD THIS OCCUR. I told them, I don't care who else in your company goes in, but that weasel is not allowed in my house. See the thing is, she is sleazy like that, simply asking her would not do. Especially where money and real estate is involved, and because she can't make a sale to save her life unless a relative or friend is selling their house. Quite clearly, she will go after you to make it happen, and she so innapropriately mangled relations with Robert's family when he lent out (HUGE ERROR) her name in the beginning as someone who could help them. Any way, I was sure that her employer knew what an utter failure she was as a human being as far as I was concerned. Think I saved those conversations and e-mails somewhere . I don't feel bad about it, it makes me smile. Okay, it makes me grin.

Then there was the inappropriate stomping past me at the funeral, where I being a human being thanked her for coming. What I wanted to do was grab her by her curly blond hair, take her stupid fur coat that made her look pooofier, wrap her in it, and use her as a soccer ball. Sometimes I bemoan my ability to control myself into a civilized facade. Right before she came up, one of the guests was saying something about "people will get what they deserve" and I am not really sure how that came up. But I saw BA look over as this woman said this phrase about whatever she was talking about, and I made sure to lock eyes with Betty Ann, smile at her, and turn back to the guest and say "oh, yes I hope everyone gets what they truly deserve". Then there was the e-mail and letter to both of them later (that can be found on this blog) telling them not to go places where they are not invited and wanted, especially if they can not behave. My mother-in-law was the one that took me in after BA slapped me, and I reminded BA of this in case she forgot. So no one in Rob's family was fooled or wanted her there. But everyone was polite and humane about it. I mean this was another thing that was NOT ABOUT HER. We were honoring someone else who blows her away in all ways.

Now there has been the porno, spam, and market america referrals LOL. See the thing is, I had been so agreeable for 18 years, that I want to be sure she knows what it is like when I am being disagreeable. Another way I have done it, is let everyone in the family know what she did. I am not sure she knows that everyone knows, but they do. And they are watching. She's was good in the past, I must admit. It was hard to detect the crack in her facade except for a couple of ocaisions early on. Much easier to spot these days. A face turning scarlet, for instance, is hard to hide as is talking to other family members through clenched teeth (and that's when I haven't been at family gatherings LOL)

Oh, and how could I forget? http://www.[hernamehere]isabitch.com (sorry not there anymore). That was the day after I cut them off, and was lacking a bit in impulse control. I actually did kind of feel bad about that. Sort of passive aggressive, and not so public a humiliation as she deserves.

This party will undoubtly call for some dysfunctional family drinking games. I'll try to come up with some creative ones. Or steal them.

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crse said...

you know, i just had a long conversation with my sister in law today about the step monster and how she has taken everything from our family and tried to turn it to hers. You are my hero. You did what we would love to do. LOVE LOVE LOVE to do. I cant wait to hear about the anniversary. I hope she does not keep you away.