Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Fishing for Estrangement Blog Posts


ZigZagMan said...

On the Alec Baldwin ordeal...

1) he sould never have said what he said, and in anger...he'll be regretting that for years.

2) it should never have been releaesed to the net......just as bad.

Just my opinion....:)

winterskibunny said...

Oh, I agree. It illustrates just how nasty these divorces get (don't need to be a celebrity), and how kids can get dragged into it or used.

I don't know whether his feelings were hurt or what, but I can understand how they would be if he has limited contact. However, parents going through this have to remember their kids are going through something too.

Also you keep your dispute with the other parent to yourself ALWAYS.

Leaking this was horrible. Maybe it will have the affect of people going through a divorce counting to 10 before taking out their frustrations on their kids though.