Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bi Polar Log

Haven't shared on my friend, bipolar depression. I actually haven't suffered any tangible set backs in awhile. Pretty impressive considering the worry about Rob's job's industry and all. Usually that is a good trigger for a downward spiral, I guess the medicine is doing it's job. Yeah, Celexa.

Course having something like this, you do always worry that it's instead deadening your state into a false sense of security when you should be panicking LOL. It's funny, because I used to be the worry wort, now my husband is. Better this way for sure. It was under the same set up where my income was the largest and most important, and his not so much. We are reversed these days, and I guess going with that incredible burden is the other incredible burden. Worry, and this happens even when you don't need to worry.

Rob's current company, that he's been at less than a month, was just bought out. Yahoo. Let the games begin. In the conference call, which seems to be all the rage in breaking the news these days, they said "there are no plans now to downsize, although we hold the right to make those determinations in the future."

Translation, glad Robert has been looking into another opportunity that he was offered. He is still so niave, and couldn't read that statement for what it was. WE ARE DOWNSIZING, WE JUST WANT YOU TO STAY FOR THE MOMENT, BEFORE WE LAY YOU OFF WITH NO PARACHUTE TO CATCH YOU. I understand corporate America speak very well. I still have nightmares about being at one of those jobs. They are never happy dreams, although I was never laid off without requesting (or giving them no choice:) for the severance package. I think I said something like "you can either KNOW when I leave, or you can be surprised". No one wants a surprise when the comptroller leaves, especially if they are any good LOL. It was a good move on my part, because despite their "promises" they cut the severance package into 1/3 after I left.

I hate that my poor hubby has to go through this. What really frosts me is that he's afraid to take his cholesteral meds or asthma meds for fear of any possibility of failing like the fourth drug test he is going for. This other opportunity is really important to him. Anything happens to him, and I am going after these companies that do these drug tests. I feel like such a weenie now for going along so voluntarily, just because I or anyone might not have anything to worry about.

But again ADD, I digress. My depression has not been the problem it's been in the past. However, my allergies are whipping my large white ass!!! My poor dog, Leon, suffers from these as well.

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