Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen (13) People That I Don't Admire Excluding Family Members and the Obvious Like Hitler

  1. Oprah (and even more so after her "dog trainer" was on her show) Here is a link to my Mannerly Mutts Dog Training article about it.

  2. Jesse Jackson--you can be racist AND be a minority.

  3. Mel Gibson---And you can be racist and be a celebrity whose true self comes out with a bit of drink.

  4. Tom Cruise---Filed under the Good Looking Celebreties or Models who are male should never ever speak. Ruins the illusion, sorry buddy.

  5. Kim Bassinger ---Playing games with our kids during divorce is never right.

  6. Tamar Geller (the "life coach of dogs and their people" that was on the Oprah show, and also host of the horrid Who Gets The Dog) See number one and related post

  7. Rosie O'Donnell (don't even get me started)

  8. Mitt Romney (OK this might be a more local reference, but Ick for the former Governor of Mass)

  9. George Bush (either of them) I think the younger one has brain damage, and er, he's our current president.

  10. Barbara Bush for that matter, big phony

  11. Imus (never liked him before the "thing")

  12. John Edwards, another Ick, and can we just keep religion out of politics somehow?

  13. Rush Limbuagh, I guess. Not with the same passion as the others, but I couldn't think of a better 13 at the moment. I am sure I will in a few hours or so, and be hitting my head. Douh!!

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Amazing Gracie said...

I like four of your 13 but I'll keep you guessing...If you'd like a laugh, come see the crazy names these poor kids wound up with!