Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Is Up With Customer Service?

----First off, I have just used one of my husband's "friends" to do our taxes. He wouldn't say how much he charged other than it was a flat fee for form. Husband assured me that it would be fair. Bill comes in, and it kind of takes me by surprise. Then as I am checking to be sure my records match our "new accountants'", um, I find some inconsitencies. Things labelled wrong, things forgotten, et et. There was another way my husband's income could have been handled and it's not that unusual. I am very nice, and put together a list of questions and things to look for next year, and I get this curt response "don't know how it happened, I don't have time to look into it now". Oh, and the best thing, even though for like 20 years I have been listed as taxpayer, and my husband as spouse, this guy takes it upon himself to switch. Now first of all, this screws up credit checks et. Then he says something like "taxpayer is gender based". Um, no it isn't or instructions to the tax, the tax line, and accounting firms that I worked at before would know this. What an *ss. We are not using him next year, or any other accountant now that the work is done. The accountants I should have use, have worked for, and have a rep for excellence and customer service are at http://www.kbkf.com. Their website may not look slick, but let me tell you in working in the field for 15 years of my life, I don't think there are any better than those guys. I really don't.


crse said...

stuff like this makes me want to either sue somebody or set them on fire. My cousin does my taxes. She completely rocks and she will not take money so we get her gift certificates.

winterskibunny said...

My old firm has given me free tax advice a couple of times. They usually won't take my money though I try. I should have just used them:(

Lesson learned. At least now my husband won't beg me again to let his "friend" save me some time by doing the taxes. It took more time. My old firm would NEVER have made those mistakes. I know, I remember making a 6.00 mistake one time, and I got a ration of shit. But you know, I credit that company with many of the business skills that I have. They mentored me very well.