Friday, April 06, 2007

When Fridays are Not Fun

First of all, let me apologize for my Thursday Thirteen yesterday. It WAS entitled "favorite places that have been changed or are lost". I had written that months ago, so when I finally got to it, I saw favorite places and happily started listing out my favorite current places. I may have caused some concern with this !! Yes, the musical fountain is still at Epcot LOL.

I have since retitled it "Favorite Places" and will submit the other list at a later date.

Yesterday Mass Unemployment called the husband. He just got the last of his two employment checks last week. He gets nervous on these calls, and does not take my advice to just "cut the line" and come get me for these. So he doesn't, and then he doesn't think and jokes around during the questioning. You have to be really careful on answering the questions and think why they are asking you.

The husband's situation is complicated, first of all, because he was working in Mass and living in Maine. The point of layoff came during the transition period, and so his unemployment was paid in Mass. This is nice because Mass's top rate is 551 a week, while Maine's top rate is 331 a week.

So then, if you are responsible and get another job, say in Maine, and then that job closes it's doors and lays off the people in a conference call, it gets all that much more complicated. Plus his first job (the one he is collecting on) was salaried, and his next job was technically commission although he got up front money for it. Any way, all these questions were asked before, the checks cut, and then came the call.

Rob forgot that while he was commissioned, he received the salaried money. So all day yesterday, he's worried about being accused of fraud by Mass Unemployment.

He just gave them another call after talking to me, and that is no longer a worry. Course now he will have to fill out a form, and attend a hearing in Mass no doubt. I think it will all be fine. What a pain though huh? You pay your taxes, you are responsible, you try to actually get a job instead of sponging off the system, and somehow you still get screwed? To have to worry about what kind of job you are taking to worry about collecting benefits that have been paid for your protection in these circumstances. Uck.


crse said...

You know? Ive noticed that the system seldom works for people who deserve to have it work. That totally sucks about him going through all this for something he has already paid into.

winterskibunny said...

It's fitting in too well with the husband's theory that his birthday is cursed. Being that tomorrow is his birthday:)